This world was made with GIMP 2.10.12, with trial and error, and some free time on my back.

But the idea of it was something I had in my head for years, now it became somewhat real, thanks to this program (And the people who showed me how to do it). The shape of the land was made more realistic than its "Ideal" counterpart; it was very rustic and different, but the shape in general is almost the same. There are countries planned, cultures and a language over the whole continent, but that´s something I didn´t bother to put right now because it is a tedious work. Nonetheless, it´s just a matter of time to get those things on the map, I will update it according to the changes I will make to it, that´s why I called it "temporarily".

Oh, and the "unnamed" part is true too, I still can´t think of a good name for the continent, though I named all the countries and their cities.

More updates soon.


The setting of this continent is based of some kind of mixture between a medieval fantasy world and some steampunk touches. Each and every country has its own culture and history, some are older than others, some are more peaceful than others.

I really can´t put up a certain setting without being simplistic; while the setting is mostly medieval, there are aspects of it that make it even more advanced than our own world; for example, magic. Magic made people rely on it more than actual technology, but that didn´t stopped them to advance technologically. There is technology that applies magic and bends it to whatever the needs are, the ways of living and sustainability use technology and/or magic to make itself possible.

The people of this land were intelligent enough to acknowledge the power of nature, so most of the technology used doesn´t harms the eco-system; otherwise, magic is some kind of natural force, so it doesn´t harms the environment either.

The continent is home of 24 countries, each with its own culture and history, and like in any other world, there are some who are more powerful than others; specially two sides who disputes about the economic and militar control of the whole continent. 

The northern power, with Natharyk and Vaslekaar as the head countries, warrior-like and strong culture, their militar supremacy is unmatched, forged by the harsh conditions of the north, mountains and snow are the home they know.

The southern power, with Raust, Alkard and Exeval as the head countries, traders and wealthy business-men, they were able to prosper thanks to its numbers and technology. Home of philosophers, intellectuals and artists.

Thanks for reading all of this, and be sure that this is only the beginning, ther is much more to come.



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