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    7 months ago


Welcome to Alara! The storms are great, the people resilient, and the terrors restless. This setting is heavily inspired by Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight series converted to accommodate Dungeons and Dragons. The result is a strong root system of his world, Roshar, with a branching budding tree of new ideas and innovations to accommodate everything D&D brings to the table. Since there is no translation for things like dragons, wizards, etc. it has demanded creative solutions and interesting designs and has spawned something entirely original, special even. The fundamental curiosity that makes Roshar unique remains which is the foundation, catalyst, essentially the Cambrian explosion of the world--There are capital "s" Storms that ravage the land. Storms of such magnitude that all life in Alara bends or breaks to it's pure, raw power. Animals cower in shells, vegetation cowers in stone, and cities are built where the land can offer shelter. 


This is a high fantasy environment where gods have an active impact on the world. In fact the Stormfather, a god, is responsible for the tempests that assault the land and people of Alara. Flora, fauna, and inventions all cater to the devastation of Highstorms. Trees can be thick, low, with deep roots, or they can have a flexible base with retractable branches and leaves. Grass and shrubbery disappear into the cracks in rocks at the slightest stimulation. Animals without shells do no fair well. Horses are rare, a remnant from a long forgotten age before the storms, and they require a fortune to own. Without intervention they would have gone extinct long ago like so many others did. Things commonplace in other settings are unheard of here. Building near a water source is suicidal. Cities congregate around protective land elements such as mountains. Sieges are seldom used tactics since the besieged city simply needs to hold out until the next Highstorm comes forcing the threatening military to retreat to safety or be exterminated. This has encouraged more peace than is common in medieval times since invasion is seldom profitable. Highstorms originates in the East moving West across the continent which makes ships unheard of in the West where the storm is at it's peak strength. Even in the East ships are a rarity and require repairs if not outright rebuilding of the vessel after a storm.



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