Beautiful mountains and majestic hills dot the whole land to the west. Some are full of greenery and life, animals thrive and provide an abundance of fresh meat for the inhabitants of there lands. The rushing sound of fast-paced rivers and waterfalls can be heard for miles. The lands far to the east are covered in sand. There the mountains are desolate and dry. Life struggles to take hold and man and beast fight tirelessly to stay alive for even one more day. The constantly cold nights leave frost upon the ground and damage the fragile vegetation. The lands to the north are blocked off by a giant wall of stone. No one remembers the people that live in the lands beyond the wall. They are a mysterious people that follow the old ways. The wall depicts their people in all their glory, intricately braided hair held back with metal clips and leather bands. The lands to the south are flat. The plains go for hundreds of miles only interrupted occasionally by small homesteads and villages.



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