Neshque map


In the beginning, there was darkness. And the creatures of darkness waged eternal war, spreading evil and corruption as they went. Then God descended upon the land and created light. From her will, all life was created. And to protect her creations, she raised the land into impassable mountains. But evil will always find a way to break through. Thus, she bestowed upon us the gift of knowledge and distanced herself so that we may learn to fight.


The year is 3000.

Traditional low technology high fantasy setting.

World divided into 2 main areas: the Overworld and the Void, separated by a supposedly impassable mountain range.

Things from the Void spread corruption, an invisible substance which ruins everything it comes into contact with. Living creatures lose all reason and go mad, food and water turn to rot and oil.

Normally this isn't a problem because it can't spread over the mountains.

From the sea comes a group of modern technology magicless militants (think the US army). When they find out the corruption turns water into oil, they go about trying to spread it.




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