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Limons are based off vampires.


Limons have light blue skin, webbed ears, sharp teeth, and silky flowing hair. They have no pupils. Instead of legs, they have a scaled tail ending in a tail fin. Their clothes are generally bright pink or orange.


Limons use a mix of magic and melee combat. They wield the trident, a three pronged spear embedded with a magic gem. The main point is sharp while the side prongs are more blade like, giving them good stab and slash abilities.

They have limited sacrificial magic, being able to transmute anything their fangs can reach.

They have no pupils and are partially colorblind but see differences between shades especially well. They can see shiny object well and enjoy exploring.

They have an affinity for water magic. This gives them access to regeneration magic commonly used in tandem with their sacrificial magic.

They have very limited movement on land, requiring massive amounts of energy to either transmute their legs or float in a body of water.



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