Hydromass is the current guardian of fire and the second most powerful human normally. She has the potential to become a God despite never having touched a reality gem. She is the main character after part 1. She is level 71.


Hydromass has light skin and bright red hair. Before Lowry was destroyed, she wore traditional priest clothing with a red stole and waist sash over long white robes.

During her journey through Etrigal, she wore traditional blue wizard robes with black trim and a shawl on top. She also has a pointy wizard hat. Her weapon at this time is a long enchanted stick.

After Ninjablue's death, she takes his gem of fire necklace and cloak of shadows. She abandons her wizard gear at this point. She obtains a staff of solid gold.

At the end of her journey, she returns to her original wizard robes but without her hat. She keeps her gem of fire necklace and golden staff.


Hydromass originally just follows orders and has very few goals of her own. After Ninjablue's death, her main goal is simply to revive him. However, as she gains knowledge of the world, she decides to protect as many people as she can and makes the decision to give up Ninjablue.


Alongside Blazemass, she was exiled due to her hair color. Eventually, due to her brother's charisma, she is able to return to Lowry. At this time, she becomes friends with Ninjablue. When the Others attack, she goes alone to Etrigal to seek out the elves. Afterwards, she joins Ninjablue to fight Darius. When Ninjablue dies, she journeys for a way to revive him. She fights Empyra, Rividind, and Astral for her goal and befriends all of them along the way. Astral brings back Ninjablue and Hydromass decides to give him up. She is a major force in the final fight against Zela, Vortex, and the Others.


Water Control

Light Prowess

Shifter Prowess

Summoning Magic

Nature Magic

Unstable Reality Warping: Hydromass gains passive luck increase as she subconsciously reality warps. In times of emotional stress, she gains true reality warping and threatens to destroy the world.



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