Levels are a measure of the magic level within an individual. Due to the high prevalence of magic across the world, this is seen as a perfect way of measuring strength. However, it is inaccurate if a being uses equipment more than magic.

Nulls are set to level 0 and are seen as extremely weak but the Others are all nulls and would be comparable to soldiers or even sorcerers. Rividind is also set to 0 because he is a null but he is a God.

Levels range from 1 - 99 with 0 and 100 being used as overflow values.

Each level is exponentially stronger than the last. At one tier, a being might be able to use magic of their description only 2 or 3 times a day. While the next tier could probably use all magic from the previous tiers combined without rest.

Immeasurable (100)

These entities have transcended the powers of Celestials. It is unknown what they are capable of but their abilities are, at the very least, cosmic level.

Celestial (86-99)

Celestials are essentially Gods. A battle between the two can end the world. Entities within the same continent of them are at risk of instantly and accidentally being erased.

Celestials can move planets and stars, create and destroy matter, and reality warp.

Destroyer (72-85)

Destroyers are some of the most powerful and deadly magic users. Battles between them can permanently alter the weather, ecosystem, and terrain of an area.

Destroyers can create or destroy mountains, summon meteors, attack and defend at the microscopic level, damage unseen objects, and remove beings from existence.

Archmage (57-71)

Archmages are sometimes called landscapers. They are both exceptionally talented and hard working. They have perfected their magic over many decades or received some boost from an even higher tier.

Archmages can destroy hills, create lakes, change the weather, cause disasters, resurrect the recently dead, block projectiles, and move the land to their cause.

Sorcerer (43-56)

Sorcerers are extremely dangerous and powerful individuals. They have gone through multiple teachers and books or have learned continuously from a very powerful one. A lone sorcerer is equivalent to a small army of soldiers.

Sorcerers can permanently enchant items, lay curses and traps, detect and dispel the presence of magic from weaker or equal tiers, create walls and barriers, summon illusions, create explosions, and heal any wound from a living being.

Soldier (29-42)

Soldiers are trained in military level magic. They have received one or two years of formal training from either an experienced soldier or a sorcerer. They do not necessarily need to be in the army but they have the capability to kill.

Soldiers can heal and restore limbs, cast buff spells, curse spells, stun enemies, block projectiles, and fire magic projectiles. 

Smarter soldiers can preserve energy by simply reinforcing their shield to block projectiles rather than create a magic shield or use the momentum from their sword swings to fire magic rather than creating attacks from nothing.

Neophyte (15-28)

Any civilian who has received any amount of magic training over a reasonable period of time. This typically comes from magic books or being taught by a family member or friend.

Neophytes can repair skin, cut objects, grab faraway objects, throw offensive magic, and briefly incapacitate or distract enemies.

Stronger neophytes might be able to block a few objects with a magic shield.

Civilian (1-14)

This range forms the vast majority of overworlders. Almost all elves, limons, and humans fall under this category.

These beings typically have a lot of house magic. They can heal minor cuts and scrapes, create sparks for starting fires, and use tools a bit more precisely.

Towards the end of the scale, civilians may even be able to use magic as a knife to cut fruit or skin at a close distance.

Null (0)

Nulls are magic-less beings. They are typically seen as worthless.



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