The only continent is the Void, a giant landmass surrounded by ocean.

There are three sentient races: Werewolves, vampires, and elementals. They have their own languages and cannot communicate with each other. Different groups within the same race will also have different dialects and are likely unable to communicate well.

Elementals do not need any resources to survive. They are born when high concentrations of magic gather and stay in that area for their entire life. They disappear only if the area disappears.

Vampires exist in various buildings called manors. These manors are hostile to each other and have their own hierarchies. Each manor is ruled by its most powerful inhabitant, the lord. Then favored individuals of the lord hold the most power. Peasants hold no power, they only work and obey. Most of their food comes from farming but they will eat any werewolves they kill.

Werewolves live in small groups. Different groups are hostile to each other. They are hunter gatherers, living in the woods and not staying in any place for a long duration. They will hunt lone vampires and steal crops from manors but are not able to directly attack manors due to the difference in numbers.

The 10 elemental gems exist and are housed in their own special temples. They are the only known source of magic and are highly coveted. Many religious groups worship and/or protect them.



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