A 57 year old Rividind comes across the gem of magic and becomes the first magic user. He is able to quickly become lord of his manor and defeat all other manors, unifying them under his command. He spreads his knowledge among his followers and kills his enemies, leaving almost all remaining vampires with the ability to use magic. The calendar officially begins when Rividind takes over.

During his rule, manors are destroyed, moved, and rebuilt into a single square area. This newly grouped city becomes known as Voss. During this time, new rankings in the hierarchy are established:

  • King: The ultimate unquestionable authority, Rividind
  • Lord: The rulers of each manor, subservient only to the King
  • Elite: Wealthy
  • Knight: Police/military
  • Peasant: Normal vampires
  • Slave: Criminals and captured werewolves, disposable workers

Werewolves are forced to run or be enslaved. Magic becomes widespread. The first books, which record knowledge on using magic, come into existence and literacy becomes incredibly powerful.

Over time, corruption becomes apparent. Lords begin abusing their powers and ignoring the peasant class entirely. Knights are bribed to prevent rebellions and quell peasants.



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