Corruption is widespread and conditions for peasants are bad. However, their literacy and magic strength is low so rebellion is not an option until the arrival of the second reality gem, the gem of void. It falls into the hands of the 16 year old vampire, Vortex. He studies it for a few years until he feels confident, then begins spreading his magic and inciting rebellion.

Rividind, who thought his powers were absolute, never bothered learning any of the intricacies of his gem and easily falls to Vortex and his forces.

As the new king, Vortex executes all of the previously corrupt officials and establishes a new more balanced system. Lords become elected officials. They rule for life but can be removed if they are found breaking rules. A proper law system is created.

Taxes, schools, roads, and such are introduced. Social mobility becomes existent. Various inventions and reforms are created over time. Vampire quality of life is greatly increased.

However, as population increases, so does the need for land. In their territory expansion, all werewolves become enslaved.



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