An ancient vampire named Zela becomes increasingly obsessed with science and magic. She hunts for gems and has the greatest understanding of magic. In order to study the two reality gems, she needs to defeat Vortex. She calculates the landing place and time of the 3rd reality gem, the gem of life. 

Due to the heavy emphasis on honor, most vampires willingly turn themselves in upon committing a crime as they are unable to live with the guilt. Zela, having experimented on herself, has no such restrictions and is able to assassinate hundreds of important figures in secret. She resurrects dead enemies to fight for her and goes to war with her army of undead.

Eventually all manors fall and Vortex is killed. Zela takes all of the reality gems and learns from them, creating a poisonous substance called corruption. She infects the miasmic swamp with it and allows it to spread. To prevent her from destroying the world, Rividind intervenes and briefly attains omnipotence to defeat her. Suddenly Empyra snatches all of the gems and disappears, leaving Rividind unable to purify the void.

Over time, the entire void becomes corrupted and the majority of individuals go insane.

Vampires starve but cannot die, becoming incredibly bloodthirsty as they look for food. However they have no resources to use sacrificial magic with and cannot kill. Instead, they slowly wither away.

Werewolves become permanently locked in their wolf form and lose all intelligence. 

Elementals become incredibly unstable and lose the ability to regulate their energy. They will randomly expend all their magic and disappear.



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