Empyra raises a new continent from the ocean, now called the Overworld. She divides it from the Void with a massive impassable mountain range. She creates the 4 overworld races: angels, elves, humans, and limons and allows them to self govern.

Angels retreat to the skies alongside Empyra and govern the other races from afar. At first they are content with simply watching, but after a large group of humans dies off in the desert, they begin protecting. In any serious event such as a natural disaster, famine, or certain deadly wars, the angels will come down and intervene. As time continues and the races show no signs of going extinct, the angels visit less and allow more autonomy.

Elves live in the forest and tundra. They have one major city which started from a trading outpost, allowing them to trade easily with both humans and angels. Most of the time, they live alone or in duos and survive from hunting and foraging. They usually only stop by the trading outpost to restock or in emergencies.

Humans split off into two groups, one living on the coastline and one moving to the desert. The desert group is destroyed by unknown causes and the only trace of their existence is the desert ruins. The human population is the lowest due to losing most of their members in the desert.

Limons live underwater and regularly trade with the humans on the coastline. Many limons are adventurers so their city is built along the Abyssal Trench.



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