Foreign entities appear on metal beasts riding across the ocean. They are called the Others. They resemble humans but have pale skin and do not speak the human language. They interact with the villagers of Lowry and offer gifts. At first they seem to want peace until they learn of the corruption and its ability to turn water into oil. As a result, they attempt to spread it and end up attacking the villagers.

Blazemass journeys to the perilous Death Mountain to entreat the help of the angels. Hydromass heads into Etrigal to find the elves. And Ninjablue evacuates survivors into the ocean in search of the limons. This arc is centered around Ninjablue's adventurers into the Forbidden Sea.

Originally the safest location, the spread of corruption has turned many of the peaceful sea creatures hostile. In addition, the Others possess diving beasts and will not allow the group to turn back. Many members are killed in their expedition to Atla where the remaining survivors stay in safety.

Feeling guilt for his inability to protect the villagers, Ninjablue receives magic training from the limons and gains their promise that they will fight against the Others. He, along with a small group of soldiers from the village, seek out the power of the elemental gems in order to ensure their victory. He finds the sunken temple of fire and defeats its guardian, a corrupted kraken.

The group returns to the surface to reunite with the other villagers with their newly found powers.



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