A universe created by Amphertis, God of creation. Amphertis was born from good and evil energy and created this universe and then created Mythra and Sindrea. They were to be his daughters and were to rule over parts of his creation; Mythra taking the side of souls and sciences, Sindrea the side of plants and animals. Amphertis created other beings and his daughters began separating them into different groups of things.

Amphertis then made the Astarial; a system of beings who each represented one planet in the solar system. Some of them had moons while others did not, and each planet revolved around the sun, represented by Amphertis himself. The moons of each planet were also represented by beings who each had various ranks of importance. Each moon had various numbers of lesser gods, to serve them, known as "stars". Some groups of stars became so popular that they were dubbed a constellation.

Soon, Amphertis created humans and allowed his daughters to rule over them. The two young deities fought over how these beings should survive. Sindrea felt they harmed her beloved plants and animals, while Mythra felt their progress was impressive and should be encouraged.

The sisters fought so much that they separated their ruling and the other holy beings into two groups: Sprites and Whyches. They had many wars until their father had finally had enough of them. He began to regret his decisions and started slowly destroying the things he made.


Quite a modern fantasy setting; think like the Percy Jackson series, they have good technologies and things but fantasy creatures roaming around. A lot of the story I am going to explain will be in a more less modern setting but the current cannon for this world in a story I'm doing is actually very modern so things will tend to jump a lot.



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