Hammertown was attacked by a Bugbear horde when it was a small village. The folks there took up arms with common tools most notably the hammer. Since then it has been a symbol of the town and their resolve, resilience, and strength. Born with the same steely stubbornness of a hammer, the people of Hammertown are ruggedly independent. Despite being on the edge of civilization it has thrived. The inhabitants have more in common with their neighbors the barbarians than they do with Aleran which has been a source of contention. The tax collector has been squeezing a resource poor community to the brink. Trappers, miners, and adventurers have been venturing farther and taking increasing risks to meet the demands from their overlords. The townsfolk have begun wondering if it is worth risking their lives for a Regent who never even visits.


Outskirts in the Hashir providence.



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