Largest inn in Hammertown. Run by Martin "Marty" McCurdy with the help of his daughter Sharon "Sharry" McCurdy. He's bald, well built. Looks like he could be anywhere from his 30s to 50s (he's 54). He has a 5ft wooden mallet behind the bar that he uses to break up fights, but it rarely comes to it. Usually one look from Marty is enough to quell even the most rowdy of drunks. Sharry is far more liberal doling out punishment with the mallet. She's got wavy red hair and a few freckles on her cheeks. She's on the thick side and her smile is nearly as effective as her frown for shutting men up. She's the other woman in an affair with the Mayor's model son. "It's non-negotiable."

The Misplace Mallet