Vikka, once called Mal'Klovaa, is the home continent of the once-great Dwarven race. Now pushed back to their mountains within the kingdom of Gol'Daruum, the dwarves glare enviously at the human invaders to the north who have taken much of their land, as well as the demon-spawn to the east who have taken Vikka's sister island. Tensions are high as the Dwarves have begun to dig deep within Vikka's mountains searching for mythic metals and artifacts to arm their steadily growing armies, yet they are not the only threat. 

The great hordes of Skjor, Vikka's eastern neighbor, are already raiding and pillaging humans and dwarves alike, taking their captives back to grow their own races of demon hybrids. War between the great kingdoms, and perhaps even the races themselves, seems utterly inevitable. 


A fantasy world where every aspect has been thought out and fleshed out as much as possible. 



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