The government has been stealing people's DNA and using it for their own experimentation needs for centuries. In this universe, when cloning goes wrong, the doppelgängers gain a mind of their own and take over the cloning process. They soon figure out that eating a human's brain can give them the skills the human possessed before they died. In a mass killing, the doppelgängers have slowly taken over and now exist in nests, stealing the many humans they can find and using them for their next generations.

The story starts a century into this new world. Some of the humans remaining untouched in the USA have created The Safe House Community, a community where people exist and live in harmony away from the doppelgängers. This is a fairly new generation of humans, so some of them don’t even know what a doppelgänger looks like, but the fear of the unknown keeps them living inside the community. They have learned to live without fear.


The United States of America, a hundred years into the future.



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