Zombies had taken over the world.

Humans retreated and left the land in favour of the skies. Most of them live in aircrafts that rarely or even never land on solid ground.

Many creatures that were rumoured extinct found new areas to live and thrive, further inconveniencing humans. Especially the flying ones that could be dangerous to the ships, like dragons or harpies.

Some of the most ambitious people stayed on land, grouping together for safety. Those are The Cities. Politically they work similiar to greek polis. Each City has a ruler(titel vary depending on the City), his court that takes care of administrative matters and does the ruling, lots of scientists that grow food, develop new weapons or mechanisms, those who study zombies etc. (some Cities specialise, but most supply a mix) and two sets of military: the regulars(fight: zombies, sometimes other Cities and other day to day boring stuff) and the Winged Guards (highly trained, best warriors, have wings, deal with monsters and used on representative occasions, not only know how to fight, but are also highly educated) 


World similiar to ours, but with more creatures, more wild areas and with the policies of City-Nations. 



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