In the beginning of Foai's life, there was hopefulness. He was raised as someone special, someone with the power to bring peace into a world riddled with war, famine, and evil. When his abilities started to appear, his family dedicated all of his time to practice and studying, dead set on raising the savior of their world. Foai fell in love with the idea of his power, he fell in love with the feeling of power. The rawness of who he was and how his abilities were his beginning and his ending. Foai loved helping people. the love they showed him back always urged him to keep going and to never stop giving to those in need. He felt that his village of Aderth depended on who he was to protect them, all of this going through him at the young age of 10. His family and the other villagers saw him as a "Chosen One", the one they heard from stories that would save the world of Nava Havaline from itself.

When Foai was 2 years old, he cured his mother from a life-threatening disease by touching her, not even realizing what he had done. They started to see that his abilities were elemental, giving him a full range of the vast nature around Aderth. The earth became his best friend and his ability to manipulate was better than anyone had seen in centuries. Foai, though quite full of himself, had a talent for making friends. He soon became close friends with Homati, another village boy. They dreamed of a life full of adventure and quests. Guaff, the younger brother of Homati, soon joined their legion of small monster and big insect fighters, and they formed a bond of partnership and brotherhood.

At the age of 10, the village of Aderth was raided in the middle of the night. The Master Mages heard that a small village was harboring talented wizards instead of properly teaching them. Foai, Guaff, and Homati were taken away from home, only promised to return if they passed and graduated the Havaline School of Magic, a test that averaged three passers a year. Foai only got stronger, obsessing over the need for his parents and his younger siblings that hadn't even gotten to get to know him before he was taken. His skills went far beyond the teachings, and he spent any time he needed to study, helping Homati anytime he fell behind.

On the day of the exam, two 17 year old boys went into the Underworld with no weapons, only the clothes on their backs and the magic in their souls. Foai was the only one to return, Homati dying to a demon. Foai never forgave himself for not being able to save Homati, not being able to get to him before he died. The demon was slain, something Foai did quite easily, but not before a distraction caused him to not only lose focus, but to lose his best friend, in one quick moment. That night, Foai packed his belongings, his new staff, and his feelings, and left the school that had brought him so much grief.

Foai made it to Aderth very quickly, getting there in just a day of walking. When he finally found it, he saw something that was no more, a place of ashes. Houses were tumbled to the ground and he could still feel the screams of his family, remembering the memory that he had pushed back that fateful night. In the back of a carriage, smelling burning flesh, and hearing screams. He had convinced himself that it was a nightmare, that the government wouldn't punish a whole town because two families hid powerful children. It was in there that he found the burnt and decomposing bones of his parents, it was there that Foai put on his father's green cape, and it was there that Foai Zenth of Aderth decided that the world needed to change.




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