In Otarim, magic comes from the Springs. It radiates with magical energies that spread into the world and brings magical abilities to a wide range of beings. Despite or perhaps because of these powers, war hasn’t broken out. There’s a peaceful balance, one where people tend to leave others be. There’s an increased amount of research being put into figuring out whether this source of magic can be replicated, primarily for security reasons should the original be destroyed. Beings granted with magic from the Springs are called Sages. However, despite the rich, flowing creeks branching out from the Springs, there are beings who do not obtain their magical abilities. These beings, whether human or not, are called Incants. Long ago, the Incants formed a separate civilization on the outskirts of Otarim called Osashu. Otarim is comprised of five islands. Otarim, the mainland and home to the Springs and Sages. To the North, Asphuru, home to the Warlocks and the source of Dark Magic (Sorcery) within Otarim. To the East, Idia. In Idia reside the Mystics. Mystics are Healers and Seers. Talueh rests to the Southeast of Otarim and is home to the Archani. In Talueh, Rituals and Potions are the primary type of magic. And finally, Osashu to the South. The Springs flow from a peninsula on the West coast of Otarim with rough mountain range at the neck of the peninsula, preventing anyone from easily accessing the Springs. A creek runs under the ocean off of the coast of the peninsula, flowing to the Southwest edge of Otarim, filling into a pond of the magical Spring water behind another rough mountain terrain. Very few people live behind the mountain range, and the ones who do are not known by anyone else.



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