It's pretty much a world that contains many different types of Demons, Gargoyles, Spirits, Monsters, Gods, Licanmorphs, Humans, and the other dwellers that I managed to forget the name of. This world contains a huge divide between realms and the creatures that reside in them. Prophecies and Omens are revealed every once in a blue moon, and it seems like there is always going to be constant tension and wars between the realms.

Please read my bio before viewing this world, along with my other worlds!! My bio contains the needed trigger-warnings that apply to this world especially!!

And that is all.


It takes place in many different realms, dimensions, galaxies, and even universes.



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    Gloopy_Teaz Lol
    3 months ago

    dryrctuguihk7tfcvkuhoi;uji9tgut5rfdetsxedcvgkhnikhjiyfrdc fgb kjnhniugutdryiddcvhbnkmjOmjoi'hiyfvfbljlhkugg I've been working on this in my head and through other forms, for what has almost been two years... Yet it still sucks. 😳


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