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TW: Blood, Gore, Violence, Death, Serial Killers, War, Nazism/Nazis, Hitler, MARKA 180, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Ramirez, William Afton, Suicide Bombers, Homophobia/Transphobia, Racism, Slavery, Whips, The Holocaust, Suicide, Self-Harm, and Terrorism

Character Identification: Main-Character, Villain

* Is known for being very persuasive and charming when one initially meets him

* Will make very harmful deals with his victims by using his charisma

* Killed Kariashi Hartman while she was traveling throughout the Multiverse with her boyfriend (at the time) Stanford Pines

* Owns a circus because of a deal he made with the original owner, Begonia Alcames

* Ends up murdering Begonia after they make the deal

* Treated Jethro and Jaggerlike they were his little slaves

* Normally wears a traditional ringmaster's vest and carries a whip with him

* Is the owner of The Pocketwatch of Missing Souls

* Has the ability to take control of other peoples' bodies

* Tends to take control of Hitler's deceased body or dress up like a Nazi

* Desperately wants to remake the Holocaust except 100 times worse, and treats it like it's the only thing that will truly get people to fear him

* Has already caused a war to break out in _, resulting in the civilization to be in ruins for eternity 

* Had originally started this after he had taken over the body of _ while he was sick with a weakening disease, which allowed Eros to take over the poor man's body with ease

List of people whose bodies he's taken over or pretended to be (Both real and fictional):

* Leafia Saraki (Fictional)

* Adolf Hitler (Real)

* Jeffery Dahmer (Real)

* Ted Bundy (Real)

* Richard Ramirez (Real)

* William Afton (Fictional)

* _

* _





  • Untitled14 20201214152109
    Gloopy_Teaz Lol
    11 days ago

    2/14/21 I would suggest that you all take a moment out of your day to look up the real people that were featured here, but just be warned that many of them were serial killers and rapists, so please view the information at your own risk. Also, to clear something up real quick: When I mentioned Richard Ramirez, I was talking about the serial rapist who's also a pedophile, not the music artist Ramirez. (I just knew that there was probably going to be a bit of confusion, since I felt the same way once I had heard about Richard and I was afraid that he might be the same person as the artist Ramirez.)

  • Untitled14 20201214152109
    Gloopy_Teaz Lol
    11 days ago

    2/14/21 For anyone who doesn't know why this has so many trigger-warnings, it's because people can get triggered by the mention of people who committed heinous crimes, among other things. (And this IS the God of Chaos that we're talking about over here, so of course he's going to be a real piece of work.)


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