This is basically where I store all of my redesigned ocs that aren't meant to be a part of the Marapets World nor the Main Oc World. It's pretty likely that you'll see a lot of the redesigns that I'm going to be posting on my Redesign Blog on Tumblr, here, in the form of an actual character with a story to tell. It's best that you keep in mind that most of the users/games being featured here aren't morally good (According to my knowledge anyways).

Links to the users/games being featured:

Kittydog: (Pro-shipper, but I want to leave a link so that you can support the people who made adopts for her instead.)

Kittydog Fangirls/Tracers: (None in particular, so no link(s) here)

Marka 180: (I will not provide a link because they glorify nazis/nazism, and should NOT be supported unless they are willing to apologize and change for the better.)

Dirgeclaw: (I refuse to provide a link since they've been outed as a pedophile/groomer, and should NOT be given support)

Kitty Channel Afnan: (As far as I'm concerned, she isn't necessarily a bad person; I simply don't like her art nor her animations (except for like, one, that being their Namida meme), but I still plan on providing a link to her channel later.) 

Kitty Channel Afnan Tracers: (None in particular, so no link(s) here)

Marapets: (Awful pet website for kids, so no link to it for u!!)

Neopets (Pet website for kids):

Please don't go out of your way to harrass, dox, or send death threats to any of the users mentioned here. Please do not tell them to suicide, stalk them, or sexualize them without their consent (If they're a minor, then don't sexualize them AT ALL). Thank you.


I might be including some of my own characters in here as well cuz' why not? Anyways, yeah that's kinda it.


It takes place in many different lands, but mainly the Land of Dreylyra (Hence the name of the world).



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