This kingdom is situated in middle of Wasteland and is thus very hard to get to, unless you are in armed caravan crazy enough to travel to these lands. This led to the kingdom trying to be as self sufficient as it can possibly be. It is protected by mountains on three sides with three valleys leading into kingdom and various mountain paths that go through these mountains. It has 3 cities and numerous villages.

Kilreen is the capital of the kingdom and also it is the biggest city with the population around 300k people. This city dates back to the times before the Great Birth when Demons ruled these lands and the citadel is made of black stone that was used in most important structures of that time. This is also the only demon city that has been fully reclaimed from the Faceless. Most of the buildings have been torn down and replaced with new and more grautish architecture during the reign of the Grautanian Empire. It is also home to Kilreen Black Guard, personal guard of the king.

City of Kliebury is on the east of the country and it is often the first stop of caravans heading towards the capital. That said, caravans do not get there that often and it has no port so city is not that big compared to Kilreen and Briar Thorn. But it has one of the more productive farming lands, which serve as food makers for the city.

City of Briar Thorn is the only city in Aizarin Kingdom that has port and this fact brings great wealth to it. It is second biggest city in kingdom and it thrives on trade and exquisite wooden products due to the great forests that border it.

Aizarin kingdom has been ruled by the Ikanid dynasty since its founding and they are one of the older ruling houses dating its existance to even before the United Grautanian Empire.

 Population: 2.4 Million

Army (Levy/Professional): 60k/6k



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