Aizarin kingdom


This gate structure stands at the end of the pass going into the Aizarin Kingdom. It was built sometime during the age of Demons as there is no longer way to do build such sturdy building anymore. Demons call this place Har-Kutush (Black Gate).

Black stone used in construction of this fortress is found in the northern realm now known Great Demon Empire. This stone was once common around the Demon lands but due to extreme mining from side of Demons and damage caused by Great Birth, deposits are found rarely outside of GDE. What travellers coming from outside see are two huge screaming faces of demons made from from black stone. Suprisingly these faces are used as fortresses as mouth opening is used as wall rampart and both eye sockets are used as lighthouse to guide travellers into one of the few openings in the mountain ranges.

Wall ramparts in each of the giant mouths mount 4 Ballistas and 10 Scorpios. These weapons are only weapons capable of striking enemies at a distance and overall defences are made to repel anything up to small army. Heads are connected to the ground behind with a tunnel, that zig zags its way to the ramparts of the mouths. Inside the rock, there are facilities for housing of garrison and allows each of the faces to be cut off from the world for few months until help from the heartland arrives. 

Wall that blocks the pass is also nothing to sneeze at, with height of 60 meters and thickness of 6 meters. 



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