Basic Overview

Båtjord is one of the three principal regions of the Union of Solenjord. The majority of its population is composed of Båtflygtninge immigrants, who crossed the Sunnesea mainly in the late 900s to mid 1000s, and have subsequently spread to the majority of the coastline of the continent, along with moving inland up most of its riverbanks. The language they speak is Båtjordsk (Known overseas as Coastal Solenjorder), a close relative of the language still spoken in the Archipelago, which is their original homeland.

They have also spread into the Western Ocean, populating several island clusters (Which between the 1850's and 1920's produced several conflicts with the Noriho nation, who were also expanding into that area), and also into the far north, which is, however, far less populated, by them or anybody else. Most of the Semi-Autonomous Territories were founded by Båtjorders, and are technically dependent on the region. Some of the smaller territories depend on imports from Båtjord for food and other supplies.


The region is divided into five territories: South Båtjord, West Båtjord, North-East Båtjord, South-East Båtjord, and the Capital Territory (Also referred to as Centre-East Båtjord). The oldest of these territories is the Capital Territory, which is where the seat of government for the Union, Skovby, is. Settled by the first Solenjorder king, King Bragi I, in 983, it rapidly expanded from the large influx of immigrants from the Archipelago and other places the Båtflygtninge had moved to in their growing forced exodus. The immigrants rapidly expanded up and down the coast of the land they believed to be uninhabited. The natives of the land feared and hated the Sea, and consequently stayed away from the forested lands of low hills on the coasts, knowing that it was where the sea lay. This allowed them to very quickly settle and expand with ease.

During the initial colonisation years, as they moved inland, there was some rather severe conflict, especially with the Plains Tribes, who didn't much entertain the idea of farmers moving into their traditional hunting grounds and tribal lands. This conflict in its military form came to an end with the Treaty of the Hautake Valley (Also known as the Treaty of Dornata girHautakegor), signed in 996 by representatives from all of the major Mountain Tribes, and by representatives from the Great Gathering of the Plains Tribes. It ceded all coastal lands to what was at the time known as the Kingdom of Solenjord, along with all lands that had been taken by them since the beginning of the conflict. This territory formed the basis for what would go on to become the region of Båtjord.



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