The Union of Solenjord is a state in the Western hemisphere, and is the dominant state of the area. It is formed out of three Regions and several semi-autonomous territories. The regions (Officially named Båtjord region, Olbalbatana Region and Usacotat Region, though the second two are known in Båtjordsk as Fjaljord and Sletjord) are the main political components of the Union, while the semi-autonomous regions have little political power until they are either absorbed into one of the Regions or are granted their own region status (As the Western Isles want to be).

Båtjord Region

Båtjord is the most populated region, and is home to the capital, Skovby. The majority of the population is composed of the descendants of the Båtflygtninge to have crossed the Sunnesea in the late 900s and early to mid 1000s. When foreigners are talking about stereotypical Solenjorders, they are generally thinking of an inhabitant of this region. The region is divided into five territories: Sudbåtjord (the south coast and associated rivers), Vestabåtjord (the west coast and associated rivers), Nordbåtjord (the north-east coast and associated rivers), Låvbåtjord (the south-east coast and associated rivers), and Hovedstad Herad (the centre-east coast and associated rivers, including Skovby). These Territories are then divided into Sammenslutninger (Singular Sammenslutning), the main Electoral subdivision of this region. The official language is Coastal Solenjorder (Båtjordsk).

Olbalbatana (Fjaljord) Region

This region is a large mountainous area in the west of the continent, which borders all Plains territories along with the West coast and associated rivers territory. It is subdivided into four territories: Olbalbatana Flotolba (Nordfjaljord), Olbalbatana Flotcohontata (Østfjaljord), Olbalbatana Flotpanap (Sudfjaljord) and Olbalbatana Flotcatata (Vestafjaljord). These territories are then subdivided into Valleys (Dornatapala), the main electoral subdivision of this region. The majority of the population are descendants of the Mountain Tribes, and the Territory subdivisions are mainly based on the dialect spoken within valleys, be it Northern, Western, Eastern or Southern. The official languages of the region are the Northern Dialect of Girnari Tide, along with Coastal Solenjorder. There is a sizable Båtjorder minority in the North Olbalbatana and Olbalbatana Territories. Its regional capital is Hautakanata, in Olbalbatana Flotolba.

Usacotat (Sletjord) Region

This region is the least populated of the three regions. It is divided into North Usacotat, Central Usacotat and South-Western Usacotat. There are two different types of electoral sub-divisions in this territory: Sammenslutninger and Tribelands. Sammenslutninger are mainly found near rivers, and are generally farming areas populated principally by Båtjorders. This is due to the fact that Rivers stop being under the jurisdiction of the Coast and River region approximately halfway up their length. Båtjorders who live further upriver are therefore within the Usacotat region. Where they are the majority, the Sammenslutning is the electoral subdivision, whereas where Plains tribes descendants are the majority, Tribelands are the electoral subdivisions. For an are to change from one type to another, a referendum must achieve at least 75% in favour of doing so.

Semi-Autonomous Territories

There are several of these territories, mostly individual islands or clusters of them. Some have native populations, mixed with Båtjorders, others are populated exclusively by Båtjorders. Due to their small size, and distance from the coast, they are not administered as fully part of the Union, but rather more like colonies: The people can elect an administrative body for their territory, but have little say in the greater politics of the Union. A particularly large cluster, inhabited by upwards of a million people, and commonly known as the Western Isles, has a large movement for giving the territory status as a fully fledged Region. This movement is generally encouraged by the Båtjorders, but is not so enthusiastically received by the Mountain and Plains tribes, due to their worries of being overshadowed by Båtjorder politicians. A major Semi-Autonomous territory is found on the north of the continent. Due to it not having any majority ethnic group (Båtjorders, Mountain tribes and Plains tribes), and those that do populate it being so far spread out, it was decided to make it a Semi-Autonomous region, though with one representative in the Lower House.



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