The Konigtum


There are four important nations on the Continent (Also known as Stigendejord): The Konigtum, the Holy States, Zuidland, and Seefluss.The Holy States are ruled by the High Priest of Dreiheim, who is also at the head of the Faith of the Three, the majority religion all over the Continent, as well as in Werkland. They are subdivided into fifteen regions, which are more or less independent from Dreiheim in administrative matters. In times of war they all raise a specified number of soldiers, who are led by generals appointed from Dreiheim.  They exist in a tenuous balance with the Konigtum, and often the High Priest gives his blessing to Konigtum military ventures. Because of this, after the failed Konigtum invasion of Werkland in 1001 N.A., all ties between Dreiheim and their priests in Werkland were formally cut by the High Priest of Werkland, who, with the collaboration of his king, formed the Werklandish Priesthood of the Three, which had doctrinal differences from the High Priesthood in Dreiheim.Seefluss is a small monarchy, which has resisted assimilation into either the Holy States or the Konigtum for many years, quite successfully. Its monarchs are descended from the family that ruled the Konigtum about three dynasties ago, and they maintain that they are the true rulers of the Konigtum. Despite this, they rarely make any aggressive moves, choosing instead to focus on keeping their borders safe.The Konigtum is by far the largest, and the most powerful of the four. Its capital is Taubstadt, and its emperor gets elected by the 12 most powerful families. During the 10th century they survived some of the worst Dragon-man attacks, and consequently when the newly formed Kingdom of Werkalnd chose to ally itself with the also new Kingdom of Solenjord, they decided to punish the Werklanders.  With the collaboration of the High Priest of Dreiheim, they had the king of Werkland declared a heretic. In 999 N.A. they mounted a failed invasion of Solenjord, and in 1001 N.A. they failed in an attempted invasion of Werkland (Partially because of the timely arrival of Solenjorder troops on the Werklander side).Zuidland is a small nation in the south. Like the Konigtum, it is an elective monarchy, but its monarchs rarely come from the same family as their predecessors, and their economy is based mostly on trade. Their borders are heavily defended by large, powerful fortresses (Some of the biggest to be built since Oiran times), and they defend their shores with the aid of their large merchant fleet. They are the only nation other than Werkland to utilise Castle Ships, though theirs are smaller, and generally tend to be adaptable for cargo purposes.



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