The Continent
Kingdom of Werkland,
Kingdom of Zuidland,
The Kingdom of the United Archipelago,
The Konigtum


The Faith of the Three is the majority religion in Werkland, Zuidland, the Konigtum, Seefluss and the Holy States, with minority followers in the UA and Solenjord. It was born in around 42 N.A., from a prophet who came form the islands off the coast of Werkland, named Adal (The islands are named after him. He gained followers, and eventually travelled to the site of what would later become the city of Dreiheim, where he took over the remnants of the Oiran palace, and the High Priesthood has had its seat there ever since. It is based on a trinity of deities. There is the god of the Beginning, Daet, who watches over mothers, babies and young children, as well as those who create things, such as carpenters and smiths. Then there is the god of the Middle, Braen, who watches over travelers, as well as normal people. He is the most worshiped. Travelers are welcome in any of his temples, which nearly always have guest rooms just for this purpose. The last god is the god of the End, Haer. He watches over aging people, the dying, and soldiers. His priests are often dressed in black, and are the people who prepare bodies for burial. The dead are received into his hall once they are buried. When the time comes he will prepare the universe for it's end, just as the god of the Beginning created it, and the god of the Middle has maintained it. There are three main branches of the religion: Continental, which respects the authority of the High Priesthood in Dreiheim, and has changed few rituals since the times of Adal, this branch is prevalent in Zuidland, the Konigtum, Seefluss and the Holy States; Werklandic, which split from the authority of Dreiheim in 1001 N.A., and has several doctrinal differences from the Continental branch, such as the monarch being seen as above the priesthood, and the incorporation of several pre-conversion rituals like the famous Greeting of Winter, its High Priest is located in Sporton, and most of its adherents live in Werkland and Solenjord; and finally the Drachisch branch, which split from the Continental branch in 1246 N.A., it has its own High Priesthood in Sigfridby, capital of the UA, its main doctrinal differences being that the Drachisch see the gods of the Båtflyktingar as being aspects of the Three, like a much more powerful version of Christian saints, worthy of being worshipped and equal respect, and the branches adherents live mostly within the Drachenwald, with some minority groups scattered in the rest of the UA, Werkland, and Solenjord.



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