The Continent
Kingdom of Werkland,
Kingdom of Zuidland,
The Kingdom of the United Archipelago,
Union of Solenjord


The Old Faith [I could really do with a better name for both this and the Faith of the Three] is the majority religion in the UA and Solenjord, with minority adherents in Werkland, the Southlands and Zuidland. It is considered an even more heathen religion than most by the Continental branch of the Faith of the Three. As a religion, it is much older, and used to be the main religion throughout the Continent and Werkland. The Faith of the Three replaced it in most of those areas, though it survived in the North of Werkland (Especially in the area around Lake Toi), and a few of its seasonal rituals (Such as the Greeting of Winter) managed to survive in the Low Kingdom (Later known as the Lowlands) of Werkland. Its most important survival was in the Archipelago, where, despite frequent attempts at conversion, the locals refused to convert. From there, it spread (especially during the Exodus period) to Solenjord (Where it merged with the local religions to form the Musterja of Solenjord), the Southlands, Werkland and , much later, Zuidland.

The basic religion is based around a pantheon of deities, with a whole literature of myths and legends around them. Originally, most of these were oral tales, but they began to be written down in Solenjord in the 1100s, and in the UA in the mid 1200s. The whole mythology places a lot of emphasis on warrior culture, as well as on the importance of wisdom and knowledge. It has few moral commandments, though a lot of the stories contain important lessons or advice for the listener. Unfortunately, this has led to a common perception of its adherents in nations that have more of a Three following as being morally lax, licentious and in some places, as little more than wild animals. The official stance of the High Priesthood is that adherents of the Old Faith are little more than children, who need to be educated in the "Truth", and then they will be saved. Despite this view, the Old Faith tends to focus on common sense and wisdom above all other things, with one of the most famous parts of their mythology being a dialogue between two gods, discussing what things are good, and what things are bad. Things like getting too drunk at parties, pretending to be wiser than you are, and bearing weapons while drunk are condemned, just as watching the road you walk for dangers, knowing how to fight well, and not carrying too much on a journey are praised. Phrases from this dialogue are often quoted among the Båtflyktingar and the Båtjorders, and it is one of the best known parts of their literature.

Usually, priests (godi) are chosen by the local community of worshippers, and may or may not (Depending on what branch they come from) be responsible to somebody higher up in a hierarchy of priests (Especially in Solenjord). Godi are more than mere priests, they tend to be local leaders of the community, and in the UA are also one of the people you can go to when you need to do something with local government. Alcohol and mind-altering drugs are used in their rituals and ceremonies, though the drugs other than alcohol are usually used only by the godi presiding over the ritual. It is extremely frowned upon to use such drugs if you are not a godi, and even then, extremely unusual to use them for something other than religious purposes.



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