The floating islands have been separated into two regions which are far away from each other: Farai and Kevtara.

Farai is the land that has been known to the Mortalas people for hundreds of years. These Mortalas are the most advanced, having developed Chemistry to take control of magic and the Aether by using potions and serums, as well as steam power and vast flying machines. Along with the Mortalas are the Shahaan, nature-loving people who have learned how to control the Aether through their own magical energy rather than through chemicals.

Kevtara is the land recently discovered and colonized by the Mortalas. Their first colony, Meridiem, eventually became powerful, and they negotiated their sovereignty from Mortalas. These two nations remain close allies. Off the coast of Meridiem are The Isles, consisting of dependent Mortalas colonies as well as many small tribes of native people. The most powerful tribe, the Mukuras, have strong traditions and a very unique system of magic usage known as Vuda.


Veluvia is a world consisting of thousands of floating islands of varying size and distance between each other. The origins of these floating islands are unknown, as is the reason they are floating, but research by the Mortalas people suggests that it is some form of ancient magic. Far below the islands, into the grey fog, lies The Bottom, a mysterious place where nobody who has entered survived.



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