Aardel is the creation of the Three Gods handiwork on one of the layers of reality. The gods' hand in the world now mostly consists of Fulgaris, also known as the bridge between heaven and earth. Aardel is an extremely hostile place and as such, cities and nations are not permanent affairs, but rather consist mainly of moving cities and shifting alliances. The politics of the moving cities and how they interact with the few cities in safe enough locations to be deemed permanent are complex and the source of quite a bit of conflict. The world is very similar in our own in terms of planetary size, composition, land mass size, water content, genetic diversity, and other similar factors.


Aardel is situated in one of the n-cubes of dimensional terrestrial existence and is bordered by unknown worlds on all dimensional sides. Aardel's composition is very similar to our own but the flora and fauna is much more hostile to human life than our own which is why consistent movement is such a common thread among humanity. Aardel is only inhabited by one other race than humans, the Nocten Vivien. The Nocten Vivien are not native to Aardel but rather come from outside of the dimensional walls. Humans are predominant in Aardel but come in many different varieties, races, and creeds.



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