Capital City
Largest City
Total Area
219,848 square kilometers
Gold piece (gp)


The Principality of Falerin, most commonly known as Falerin, is an independent and sovereign nation situated in the northernmost regions of the continent of Kathran. The nation has a total area, including lakes, of 219,848 square kilometers (84,884 square miles). Of this land, 17% (37,374 square kilometers or 14,430 square miles) and the rest (182,473 square kilometers or 70,453 square miles).

The population of the nation is precisely 1,612,901 people, with 79% (1,274,191 people) of this population being human, and the rest a relatively equal distribution of Elf, Halfling and Dwarf.  The largest town and de facto capital city, Crater, has a population of 22,150 people. The second largest city and technical capital, Cheyheath, has a population of 9,430. There are about 10 other towns of note in the kingdom.

Falerin's economy is quite vibrant, and the populace creates income from a variety of trades, most notably fishing, logging and mining. The nation has a plethora of lakes and rivers, as well as mountains and forests, which give life to these industries.

The geography of Falerin is varied. The northern, central, and western regions are covered mostly by extensive forests with humid temperate climate. These areas support vibrant ecosystems, and also hold a vast majority of the populace. The southern reaches of Falerin hold extensive mountain chains, which house the mining industry of the nation. To the east lie wide plains, where the farming industry is located.

Falerin is divided into 5 counties and 61 baronies. Counties hold large political merit, and are governed by independent leaders that create and institute their own laws. The baronies hold little political independence, and were only relevant in Falerin's turbulent past.

The nation is a constitutional monarchy. The Prince, which is a hereditary title, holds near-absolute authority of the principality, under the shackle of a pre written constitution. In addition, a board of advisors help the prince or princess govern the nation. The situation is identical for counts or countesses.



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