Bramonn (Brataali: [bɽɐmɔ̃n]) is the capital of and largest city in the State of Brataal, a democratic state located in and along the Rædek Peninsula and the Bay of Kädar. Bramonn covers approximately 15 square miles, making it the largest city in Brataal and one of the smallest capitals in Madeila.

Founded in 13 ML by Sualȥêkt the Imperious, Bramonn quickly grew to one of the Kädar region's most influential centers of culture. The city's highly-strategic position at the mouth of the River Zellre and rich history have given it the rather unfortunate distinction of having been the site of at least minor battles in nearly every war in the history of the Kädar region, and as a result of constantly being forced to rebuild, Bramonn boasts architecture from every period within the last thousand years. The city suffered greatly during the Brataali Civil War, and is still struggling to regain its position of economic prominence.



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