The State of Brataal, more commonly just called Brataal, is a parliamentary democracy located in and along the Rædek Peninsula and the Bay of Kädar. The recorded history of the Brataali people stretches back over a thousand years to approximately 26 KL, when the first Brataali tribes appeared in Kädar. The modern State of Brataal was founded in 1068 ML in the wake of the Autumn Revolution, in which pro-democracy insurgents in Kädar brought modern forms of government to the various states in the region.

After the Brataali Civil War (1077 ML - 1081 ML), the State of Brataal embarked on a campaign of genocide against its Xheẓare minority, in an event known as the Quiet Years. To date, the Brataali state has yet to acknowledge its actions, despite strong international condemnation of the events that unfolded during the Quiet Years. Though the government has yet to make any official statement on the matter, various political factions have occasionally released statements concerning it that are criticized as half-hearted and often contradictory. Notably, the Alliance For a Strong Brataal has achieved international infamy for its controversial remarks.

Since the close of the Quiet Years, Brataal has been eager to establish strong trading relations with states all over the world, though their efforts have often been consternated by international pressure groups.



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