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    over 5 years ago


The Folds

Awake, children of the Veil. 

For I give breath unto you,

and grant you sight and spirit

to find beauty in all things.


Know that there are many folds,

far more than the mortal eye can see,

unfathomable in number to the mind's eye.

There is beauty that shall never be known.

Pain burdons ever turn.


But you are still the Children of the Veil,

and all the Folds are yours to inherit.


The Folds of Gohl


A world dominated by the Kin of Men, the Folds of Gohl are ancient and hold many mysteries. Legends of the Amorsans still resonate millenia after their first telling, scars remain on the Folds of the Land from the cruel Turleans who conquered all of Gohl, and there are still horror stories of aberrations and the Broken.


Over fourhundred cycles of moon and sun have passed since the Unseer graced the Kin of man with Sight, a knowledge of flesh and blood, a scripture of spirituality and meaning. Many nations have risen and fallen since that gift, yet the loyal followers of the Unseer stand strong.


Yet ways more ancient than the Inheritance of Sight seep back into the world, and the stability deigned by the followers of the Unseer begins to crumble. A new crease is being made in history.



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