Player Plans
Stisk hive clusters 5


Wants to be a Fungal Swarm


Wants to land on the lush planet.

Starts out in a small, wet, dark jungle floor. Medium size starting area, 200 cubic feet of hive mind.


>Symbiotic relationship with Lichen and Moss, acts as a farm area for biomass to increase our size. Will always provide fuel, albeit at a medium-slow rate.

>Enough mass can produce small mushroom men, two feet in height.

>Spores can filter into the lungs of any living creature. After a period of time, the spores will make their way into the brain of a creature

and attempt a takeover. Sentient creatures take quite a long time to takeover, and there is a mental battle between the creature and the Swarm.

>Most creatures are better put to use as new biomass for mushroom men. Large predatory creatures will be slowly analyzed and their designs incorporated into

future soldiery.


Short-Term Goals: 

>Encompass the entire jungle.

>Spread into settlements.

-Option A: Create faux-settlement full of mushroom men. Grant them limited intelligence to interact with other settlements. Pretend to be nice, slowly

infiltrate others with spores. Expand to towns and cities, eventually puppeting the entire planet. Long, long plan.

-Option B: Aggressively assault settlements. Take them for our own. Faster, but we can expect resistance along the way, increasing to entire armies as we

become stronger.

>Cover the entire planet in the Lichen/Moss symbiote farms, creating huge amounts of biomass to fuel an enormous army.


Medium-Term Goals:

>Infest another planet, in an area where few, if none, live. It should be a suitable environment for our growth. Slowly reinforce the area, and ship supplies

and troops there.

>Take over the area, move on to attack villages, towns, and then cities.

>Conquer planet.

>Rinse and repeat for rest of solar system.


Long-Term Goals:

>FTL Travel

>Bring the swarm to other worlds and other star systems.

>Conquer the galaxy!


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    about 5 years ago

    Wow, this seems like a good plan!

    • VoidBearer
      about 5 years ago

      High quality shitposting from our resident dickbutt


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