Xerinn is a "modern fantasy" world where magic is a subset of phyiscs; Xerinn's technology is based upon the Runes, a system of magic-manipulating symbols, created centuries ago by a slightly loony Sourceror, a rare individual who can manipulate magic naturally, that work like a cross between a circuit diagram and a programming language. In the current era, innovations in miniaturizing Runes and more and more complex design and logic, matched by increasing understanding of the properties of magic, means that Xerinn's technology is rapidly evolving, and they are already foraying into the realm of magic-based computing. Xerinn is inhabited by a half-dozen or so races; most human or close relatives of humans, some not so human, and one race, a race halfway between humans and the Aurna lizardpeople, created under mysterious circumstances in the great magical chaos that followed the creation of the Runes.




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