"Shæ'moras" is a medieval, high-fantasy world which is therefore conspicuously different from our own. The universe which Shæ'moras resides is in is called Tændürin.

Shæ'moras: A Brief Intro on its Relation to this Site. 

Like our own world, the history of Shæ'moras (or the "world of mortals" as the inhabitants like to call it) traces its civilizations just as far as our normal world does; The earliest civilization being almost obscure to them as the world takes place in the predominant control many sentient beings which are known as the 'Alturr' in the ancient language of the Zerconians. This includes: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, etc. Other races include: Magical Races and the Hakavari, a race of higher beings who bestowed mortal-kind with the blessings of magic yielding capabilities and are only rumored to have existed. 

I will be as descriptive as possible and in correlation to what I stated earlier this will exclusively cover in detail (as well as many other petty things in my world): 

  • Alliances/Diplomacy - Refers to the Diplomacy during a specific time. 
  • Beasts - The many furious creatures of the world. This also includes mythical creatures. 
  • Books/Records - Books and records about - anything, really. 
  • Buildings and Wonders - The world has many things that harbor mortal kind's ancient relics. 
  • City - Important Cities 
  • Continent - Describes the 10 Continents of Shæ'moras
  • Culture Family Branch - The Family, Ethnolinguitic groups of people.  
  • Faction - Like 'Alliances/Diplomacy', it will mainly cover factions according to their time reference. 
  • History/Lore - I would've put this under 'time' but seeing how limited this website is, I decided that it should have it's own category. 
  • Language - The main languages spoken across the world 
  • Magic - How magic in this world works 
  • Nation - The nations which still exist after the Age of Calamity 
  • Nation(extinct) - Ancient nations/civilizations 
  • Notable Characters - The important characters/figures throughout history and my novels. 
  • People - The many tribes of the world. 
  • Race - The races of this world 
  • Ranks, Titles, Positions - Describes the titles given to people (particularly nobles and royals) among the feudalistic kingdoms of Shæ'moras. 
  • Region - The regions of this world 
  • Religion - The main religions of this world 
  • Some Terminology - Explanations to terms. 
  • Timeline - Time (as recorded by the Phae Scholars
  • Useful Notes - Things which help clarify obscure things. 

(anything else will probably be added if I come up with an idea or will be listed on 'Other') Also, please look under 'details' under each category in order to get a grasp of what these contents are about. I will also create new categories in the future. 


On the World of Shæ'moras

"The world and it's inhabitants... [pg. 12] presently coincide with all of which ever was or ever had been - from the start of the known universe and it's creator who gave birth to it to where we lie know in the present day." 


-Roughly translated excerpt from The Book of the Known World: A Collaboration with Scholars. Volume 1: The Known, Historical Prelude. by Jaki Anari. 

Shæ'moras is pretty much everything you'd expect in a high fantasy world, every inch that I've ever written in my many sheets of paper (that I have found, although some of which are lost) will be written on here: Everything from it's lore to the potential characters I will have in my book if I ever get the chance to write it. It's something I've been building on since I was a junior in High School right after I being influenced Lord of the Rings and A Song of Ice an Fire before I went to College. The stories and their meaningful messages were taken into consideration for my own story. 


The arrival of a New Age is at dawn; Since the destruction of the Taedorian Dynasty and its bonds over the world, the demise of the Five Great Empires, and the Age of Haventh reaching its end after the Age of Calamity which was conspired by the terrible Dark Lords - the world and its people have yet to see a change and the promises that come with it: For the better, or for the far worst, but not before the many nations of this world have to contend with each other over the leftover kingdoms that were left by these Dynasties before settling for peace. When the poison which festers in the hearts of mortals cease, the world may yet know peace. 


-King Dastas Argen of Fathreach. 




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