Ogres are a race of sentient creatures that inhabit many parts of Terra. While most prefer the quiet wilderness of Terra, there are ogres who live in the extreme temperatures of the northern tundras and mountains.


Ogres are bipedal creatures, with the same number of limbs as humans. They have three fingers and a thumb. Ogres typically stand between ten and fifteen feet tall and are hairy, ape-like creatures with sharp fangs, long powerful arms, and beady black eyes. 

Ogres can stand astonishingly tall in some cases, even bigger than the norm of fifteen feet. These ogres are known as giants. They have an even shaggier pelt than ogres and bigger bottom teeth that jut upward. Since they are bigger than ogres, they are more sloth-like and less intelligent. Giants, however, are known for their irreversible wrath. While they rely merely on brute strength and barely show emotion unless backed into a corner. This can cause confusion and invoke the ferocious, red anger to which they are known for.


While giants have often been domesticated by humans for working purposes for generators, ogres are wild, unpredictable and attack first with no initiation. They are very brutal creatures, ripping and tearing apart flesh like nothing.

Giants are low-lying creatures that, while wary of other races, are used to being around them. Giants typically do not attack unless provoked or abused, unlike their smaller cousins. They were often used to carry enormous piles of wood, slabs of stone, and other necessities to build houses and such for humans. More often than not, when humans are done with giants, they do not let them go free, rather, they chain them up deep inside the mines in the mountains because of scarce food. When giants are kept well-fed, they are docile and cooperative, however, it is the complete opposite if they are not given food.



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