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Erandri is a major hold which is located in northern Erenia, known as the Winterlands. Known as one of the greatest and richest cities to ever be built by man, Erandri has been run by the same house for generations. No other house has ever ruled Erandri.



For as long as its citizens can remember, Erandri has always been ahead of other cities, technologically-speaking. Legends claim that during the Nomadic Age, a mage known as Arryn Scisori used magic energy to build a powerful hold for his own benefit. Since magic energy can be unpredictable and was very under-studied at the time of its finding, a dangerous spell cast an eternal winter over what used to be beautiful green land mountains of northern Erenia. Precious deciduous trees and plants wilted along with many of the region's animal life. A power-hungry mistake caused thousands of inhabitants to die off because of the lack of food and medicinal herbs.

In a desperate attempt to calm the spell and keep it from possibly consuming the entire world in a timeless winter, Scisori created a barrier around the hold that kept the winter from spreading. While the outside world was protected, inside the barrier, conditions became too harsh for regular people to live, and the hold was abandoned.


Over time, plant and wildlife adapted to the new tundras, and humans subsequently followed. Animals gained white fur, humans became paler, and plant life became coniferous.


The Tollen Succession/ The start of the Tollerian Era.

In 1E 400, great-granddaughter of Arryn Scisori, Melisande, who was deeply fascinated by her ancestor's work on the Rift Theory and magic energy, built castle Fairfax on the side of a snow-capped mountain just outside of Erandri's walls. Not desiring any unwanted skeptics in her castle, she severed off connections by creating a drawbridge connecting the mountain Fairfax was on to the mountain opposite of it. Steps were planted in the opposite mountain, which were known for being vigorously long and had seen the deaths of many arrivals.

Melisande married into the family who bore the name Tollen. After successfully creating a kingdom in which people could live merrily, Melisande's husband died of the Dohi Plague, but not before she became pregnant. Months later, Melisande gave birth to a beautiful girl whom she named Catherine after her grandmother, Arryn's wife.

Catherine of Tollen went on to become the longest reigning monarch in Terra's history, reigning (and still) for over 1,000 years, earning her the nickname "The 1,000-Year Old Queen".



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