Jenari is the Goddess of Protection, Fertility, Respect, Marriage and Love. Simply referred to as the "Mother", Jenari is classified as female and was the first one ever created. Jenari is one of the more merciful and benevolent deities though there truly is no wrath like a mother's.

Jenari is the Draelyc God of Protection, Fertility, Respect, Marriage and Love. She is also given the title of Mother of Mercy, simply The Mother and the Dragon Queen. Jenari is said to reign over the heavens with Prodar due to his infatuation with her. He treats her as his Queen and shows no such feelings toward any other God.

Unlike many of her brethren, Jenari is associated as pure 'good'. As one of the Holy Trinity who defended Holnor against the Divine Rebellion, her alignment is considered a rarity amongst the Draelyc Gods.

While Jenari shows maternal love for all her devout followers, affectionately referring to them as her 'children', whether she truly is good or not is up for debate. She frequently becomes jealous of her children when they have children of their own due to the unfortunate circumstance of her being unable to birth. According to Jenari's strict policy of discipline:

"He who hath acted upon his lust for revenge shall be punished by means of the stone. Who shall hath mercy on your soul when you are stripped to your knees before the Divine?"

Meaning anyone who acts upon his revenge shall be punished accordingly as means of stoning. When his soul is taken before the Divine, he shall be stripped of his secrets and sentenced to stay with the Gods or to the Caged Abyss for eternity.

There are incidents, however, where Jenari doesn't follow her own set rules. Her thoughts can often become eradicated and can be based solely on the act of revenge as such was when Prodar was gravely injured. This act is known as Jenari's Wrath. It is often thought to be such a highly dangerous spell that it even can kills Gods.

Her twin brother is Ranri.



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