Iniu2x( 1550)


A low-tech low-gravity hard sci-fi alien planet. No content yet.


Setting: The fourth planet orbiting Wyu, the larger star of the Wyu-Cato binary star system, is a small wet planet fifth of the mass of Earth and two thirds the radius. Most of the planet is covered in a deep ocean, although great continents of of dry land do exist.


The biosphere is dominated by the superorganism known as The Hunger, which has spread over nearly all of the landmass of the planet, destroying any other organism trying to make a living on land. Because of this, an offshore ecosystem has developed.


The shallow waters are dominated by the Ani, hundreds of meters tall nearly immortal tree-like organisms. They have formed sparse forests that house the entire above-water ecosystem of the planet.


There live the Drae, the only known intelligent species of the planet. They are agile middle of the food chain predators, who have developed technology.




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