Nevoh is a middle-to-low fantasy world, where magic is powerful but in extremely short supply. The only known races are human ones, though what lurks on foreign continents or what the most powerful mages have created in secret, remains unknown. Ruins of old empires, more technologically and magically advanced are located in the least inhabited portions of the continent, and most modern cities are built upon ruins of old. 

Though Nevoh once experienced the politics of medieval realms and had taken the first steps towards real nation building, these processes were halted by a near apocalyptic disaster; the Eclipse.

In the year 391 IIIA, the cycle of day and night was disrupted permanently. A solar eclipse of record length was inflicted upon the world, creating a multi-generational night. When first realized, panic took hold across the continent, looting and rioting destroyed the largest cities, and once-professional armies dissolved into marauding bands to pillage the smaller ones.  Deprived of the light of the sun, global famine ensued, with only the most resilient strains of crops able to grow. The initial crisis, combined with the severe lack of available food led to a culling of nearly ninety-five percent of the continents population over the Eclipse.

The Eclipse is commonly believed to have been caused by either the foul magics of a psychotic (or perhaps inexperienced) wizard, or a wrathful deity punishing the world for its misuse of the arcane. Regardless of it's cause, in the year 441 IIIA, also known as 1 IVA, just as suddenly as it had left, the sun returned.

The cycle of day and night however, did not completely normalize. The standard Nevohan day lasts six hours, and the night spans twelve. Survivors of the Eclipse have begun attempting to reshape the old world, but in most places, chaos still reigns.




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