Old Nations


Old Ossentia was the capital of magic on the Nevohan continent. Though dwarfed in size by the Sardian Dominion to the north, the country's magical presence allowed them to punch far above their weight. Despite numerical disadvantages, Old Ossentia successfully defended itself (and the independence of the Hamomian principalities) against several Sardian invasions.

The state apparatus reflects the nation's reliance on magic. Though technically a monarchy led by a dynasty without the gift of magic, the vast majority of government functions and decisions are controlled by the Magister's Parliament. These Magisters are regularly appointed to both govern and represent various regions of the country by the royal family. This unique system has made a unique class of mages analogous to the traditional noble class of most countries, with the caveat that most power and valuable property is transferred through appointment, rather than via inheritance, to the country's most powerful (or most connected) magic users.

The nation's capital is located in the city of Faron, though this position is largely ceremonial in nature. Following the events of the Eclipse, Faron is more ruins than city, and instead the nation's largest "city" is also its most powerful military tool. The Narden, named after the nation's last pre-eclipse king, is the Flagship of Ossentia's fleet and was designed with the purpose of housing thousands of people during the evacuation of Faron. Due to it's immense size, natural movement of the ship is impossible, and instead the source of its propulsion comes from the combined power of the nation's magisters. As such, the ship is immobile and inoperable when the magister's parliament is not in session. Though it usually moors in Faron, more people live inside its quarter's than in the city proper. 



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