Old Nations


Six of the Seven Principalities, were formerly united under the Kingdom of Hamom, were divided "equally" by the country's fourth and final king amongst all five of his sons in order to avoid a succession crisis. Since then, there have been multiple unsuccessful attempts to unite the Principalities, but each has developed it's own independent identity.

The most prominent of the six Principalities is Eire, the former Hamomite capital, but it's sister countries Coralis, Aynin, Shamir, Optis, and Hamom largely maintained the region's balance of power prior to the Sardian conquest.

The seventh Principality, Sanctuary has it's origins in Old Ossentia. After the burning of Faron and the christening of the Narden, the city's survivors travelled north. Dedicating their lives to the eradication of magic, they founded Sanctuary. Throughout the years, the city has attracted anti-magic pilgrims from across the Continent and has grown to become it's second largest city.



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