Perhaps the world's most premiere military company, the Contari Lance is the pet enterprise of the notorious Patronais of the Contari family in Rousan. While the city is officially governed by the Council of Patronais, in recent years, the Patronais Aurelio of the Contari family has begun to consolidate most of the city's precious agricultural land through a combination of strategic marriages, assassinations, and open military seizure. The concentration of wealth, land, and resources allowed for Aurelio's creation of the Lance, a group which contracts the same military service that thrust Aurelio into power to enterprising lords across the continent.

The Contari Lance is currently divided into three companies, each contingents of roughly ~750 fighting men and women. Many of these mercenaries are former slaves, purchased by the members of the Contari family and offered their freedom in exchange for several years of service. Indeed, it's said there's no better place for a slave in all of Nevoh, and the Contari family has cultivated a reputation for fair, honest, and equal treatment of their slaves and former slaves. Most choose to remain in service to the family in some capacity, as Lancieres or otherwise.

They typically operate on a rotation, where at least one company always remains in the city of Rousan at the Contari compound should the family need to exercise it's local influence. The most reputable company is led by the man in-line to become the next Patronais, Alessan Contari.




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