The Insulae Sancti is the island chain making up the islands of the Republic of Sanctuary. Originally, the islands were contested territories, owned and occupied at different times by the Kingdom of Hendom, and later, the Principality which bore its' name, and the nation of Old Ossentia. Sparsely inhabited, the islands are now primarily home to Sanctuary's aristocrats, and are characterized by large privately owned estates rather than villages or towns.

The island chain has 6 major islands:Borso - The second largest island, Borso is particularly noteworthy due to an impressive volcano in the island's center. Most of the island is of poor quality for habitation.

Darcolmo - Darcolmo (Darkulm being the original name of the island, on account of its particularly harsh and rocky landscape) is largely owned by the Valeni family of aristocrats. Notable for its unusually large population of imported slaves, the Valeni estates on Darcolmo produce nearly a tenth of the Republic's total supply of fish.

Innum - The smallest major island, Innum is home to a minor naval garrison as well as the Orsini family.

Karis - The southernmost island, Karis has been entirely leased to Matthias Ghent and Ghent's Gentlemen. It serves as a base of operations for the company and is home to the very small town of Karisberg, which houses some of the company's retired members and family.

Savenna - The estates of the Raune family are located on Savenna, and the island notably serves as an important hub for Anarcanum mining.

Sanctum - The largest island, and home to the Republic's capital city, Sanctuary. Most of the island's population is concentrated in the city of Sanctuary itself, but there are several farms and fishing villages in the least rocky parts of the island.




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