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How TerraChronica Works

Worlds and Records

     The focus of TerraChronica is worlds.  That is, fantasy worlds.  Middle Earth is a great example of a well developed and well known fantasy world.  It has its own nations, cultures, animals, religions and just about any other aspect of a world you can think of.  Developing a great fantasy world like Middle Earth is no easy task, but TerraChronica can help.

     Each world is made up of several records.  In the Middle Earth example, these would be things like "Mordor", "Frodo" and "Trolls".  They are the smaller aspects of the world that make it so great.  Records can be anything that makes up a world.  In a structured world, records are pre-defined into categories, in a free world, there are no categories at the start, which gives complete freedom to the builder.

Structured and Free Worlds

     Builders can make two types of worlds.  Structured worlds resemble the classic fantasy worlds of popular fiction.  Think Lord of the Rings.  They have pre-defined categories like continentregion, and sub-region to name a few.  The categories are related together.  Each continent can have many regions for example.  When building a world that fits this mold, a structured world is probably best.

     On the other hand, free worlds have no predefined categories.  They offer absolute freedom but the relationships between different entries aren't as easy to define.  A free world is best if a world doesn't fit the traditional fantasy world structure.  For example if a world takes place entirely in a fleet of starships hurtling through space, the free world structure is an obvious choice.


     Artwork is an important part of a fantasy world.  Each world and record can have artwork associated with it and artwork can be uploaded to TerraChronica with no association to anything else.

Bringin Worlds, Records and Artwork Together

     The first step in creating a fantasy world is to give it a name, which can be changed later.  Each world can have a summary and setting, but those can be added and edited at any time.  Most of the work of a builder is done by gradually adding records to the world.  TerraChronica will make a wiki that encourages easy navigation through the various records of the world.

     Splitting a world up into smaller records makes a world easier to build and easier to navigate and consume as a fan.  Ultimately, this is the goal of TerraChronica.  Your worlds, records and artwork are all up to you, but TerraChronica can bring them all together and help you share them.